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Scuba Dive Socotra Island; Yemen

Throw all those ideas about the Middle East out the window as you dive into warm waters, slipping past rock faces and gliding through schools of fish.  Rise to the surface and gaze back at the sandy beaches and the craggy cliffs.

Yemen’s Socotra Island has quietly become a choice destination for those seeking ideal scuba diving locales.  The island has a valuable mix of solitude, tepid waters, and diverse species of marine life.Continue

Manhattan of the Middle East; Shibam, Yemen

Standing tall against the stark landscape is the walled city of Shibam. The Yemenese settlement is unlike any other in the Middle East.

With buildings towering some eight stories above the ground, Shibam has been given the moniker ‘Manhattan of the Middle East’.  Enter the walls to explore some innovative architecture and get a good perspective of Yemen’s rich culture.Continue