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Explore Oasis Ruins; Palmyra, Syria

Look for a significant oasis in the middle of the desert and you are bound to find some remnants of human life.  In such a dry climate, it’s only logical that people decide to stop and rest.  Some oases serve as a rest stop while others serve as the grounds for a settlement.  The Syrian region of Palmyra is an example of the latter.

With a history dating back to the Neolithic Period, Palmyra shows ample evidence of being a once great city.  Standing proudly on the sight is a collection of ruins, preserved in such a fashion to reveal the truly grand scope of this oasis empire.


3 Timeless (And Fun) Things to Do in Aleppo Syria

Walk through the streets of any ancient town and you will absorb its history.

Each wall tells a story.  Each building defines an identity.

The streets of Aleppo Syria are no exception.  Syria’s second largest city has existed in some form or another since well before the Romans took it over in 64 BC.

While many of the older artifacts have since been destroyed, there is a wide selection of sights for those willing to explore.