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Visit the Holy Center; Mecca, Saudi Arabia

It’s the most important religious site that you’ll never be allowed to visit, unless you’re Muslim.

With over 13 million people making the trip every year, Mecca is far and away Saudi Arabia’s most important site.  The birthplace of the Prophet Mohammed is also the spot where Islam was founded and developed.

Located to the east of Jeddah, the city is considered Islam’s holy center.  Whether or not you visit during the Hajj pilgrimage season, there will be many sites to see and many things to experience.Continue

Rock Face Tombs; Madain Saleh, Saudi Arabia

It’s hard to find hospitable territory in the desert’s harsh climate.

When a suitable place is discovered, people are likely to stick to it for centuries, perhaps even millenia.

And when cultures finally do cease living at the site, it makes for one hell of an archaeological attraction. Continue

Beach Slacking; Khobar, Saudi Arabia

What goes better with a hot day than a swim in cool waters?

Think about that refreshing feeling of sinking below the surface and letting the clear seas wash away the heat.  Memories of searing landscapes drifting away with the tides.

Located to the east of the country and sitting on the coast of the Arabian Sea, Saudi Arabia’s city of Khobar provides ample opportunities to hang around the beach.  Some visits are free while others will cost a pretty penny.