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Loitering at the Mall; Doha, Qatar

The desert sun can wear you down.  You can become sluggish, dehydrated and sun burnt.  After you’ve spend extended time under the fiery orb, it’s important to find an oasis.  If that oasis is air conditioned, all the better.

Some of the best spots to avoid the heat when visiting Doha, Qatar are in shopping malls.  With immense dimensions, interesting themes, and a selection of activities, the malls are a step up from your typical local fare. Continue

Cruise the Desert; Qatar

Speeding away from the road, there’s no need to concern yourself with obstacles. Trees, signs, and bodies of water are all absent the middle of the desert.

Continuing on, as you power up a dune, the truck’s engine is your primary concern. Going downward however, your priorities are bound to shift towards your safety.


As desert terrain is concerned, Qatar’s got in in spades. The Middle Eastern nation’s dry climate allows for little vegetation and even less water. However, far from lacking resources, the wealthy country’s riches are located a short distance below the surface.

Qatar’s oil deposits have made the country a luxurious destination. Hotels exceed five-star standards and malls are as much an experience as a convenience. And when it comes to recreational activities, you can rest assured that excess and extravagance will exceed beyond a casual camel ride in the desert.