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Discover National Identity; Nizwa, Oman

A visit to an ancient capital city is sure to include some historic sites.  It’s sure to provide some insight into the traditional way of life.  It’s sure to offer the cultural experience rarely found in a bustling metropolis.

A visit to the city of Nizwa offers all the above.  The region caters to visitors seeking to perceive the real identity of Oman.  So leave Muscat and head towards Oman’s interior where lofty expectations are bound to be fulfilled.

History of Nizwa

As one of the country’s oldest cities, Nizwa once served as the capital region of Oman.  It was a logical choice as the city connected the port town of Muscat with the mountainous interior regions of Oman, easing trade concerns.

Nizwa also served as an integral region for the development of the country as an Islamic state.  The congregation of Islamic scholars, development of Islamic schools, and creation of mosques earned the city the moniker of ‘center of Islam’.

The city has since been built up and modernized but traditional trading and Islamic rituals are prevalent to this day.  This is reflected in the main attractions visitors encounter during their visits.


From Depths to Heights; Musandam, Oman

What do Musandam, Kaliningrad, and Alaska have in common?  They are all separated from their country by the borders of another.

The often overlooked region of Musandam, Oman provides an excellent travel destination for those willing to visit.  To the north of the United Arab Emirates and Oman’s main territory, the peninsular region is an outdoor adventurer’s paradise.

Take the opportunity to leave the comfort of shelter and engage in some of the Middle East’s best scuba diving and hiking.Continue