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Discover the Walled Secrets of Acre Israel

Seldom do ancient cities survive the ebbs and flows of time.

Whether through war, famine or erosion it is not uncommon to see a populated center turn into ruins over the span of centuries.

When a place does manage to maintain its luster it becomes a rare gem, giving visitors the opportunity to travel through time by simply passing through its walls.

Such is the case with Acre IsraelContinue

Hike Masada’s Fortress; Masada, Israel

Putting in an effort to achieve a goal tends to make the results all the more satisfying.  Such is certainly the case with a hike up to the top of Masada.  The ancient ruins and the view across the desert are worth all the sweat and aches of ascension.

Masada stands at only 190 feet (58m) above sea level, however the base of the mountain is below sea level so numbers are slightly deceiving.Continue

From Quarter to Quarter; Jerusalem, Israel

The birthplace of Christianity and Judaism.  One of the three sacred sites of Islam.  An important historical point for the western world.  All three of those preceding places can be found in the Israeli city of Jerusalem.

The present day religious center acts as a pilgrimage for spiritual people with all sorts of beliefs.  With a day spent walking around Jerusalem, visitors can get a great idea of just how special this place is.  Grab your map, put on your walking shoes, and don’t forget your camera.Continue

Sight-see the West Bank; Israel

Passing through a series of checkpoints, you may find yourself getting a little nervous. Spotting armed soldiers out the windows of the bus, you feel guilty, despite having nothing to hide. What could have convinced you to put yourself through such stresses?

And then you reach historic sites. Beyond historic, these regions have shaped the modern world as we know it. And beyond old, these sites are ancient.Continue

Sacred Sightseeing; Galilee, Israel

Some parts of the world contain an undefinable element that gives visitors a natural sense of spirituality.  With its craggy peaks, lush valleys and blue waters, the Galilee region of Israel is one of these places.

Galilee’s landscapes hold not only beauty but also a story.  The region is ripe with religious history and sacred sites.

No matter your beliefs, all are welcome.Continue