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Lady Anne’s Insider Secrets on Traveling and Working in Dubai…

Hear the word Dubai and you probably think expensive.

And yes, with an economy built on the booming oil industry, the millionaires per square mile are higher than average.

But today, Dubai’s main revenue comes from tourism, aviation, real estate, and financial services.  Famed for its skyscrapers, high-rise buildings and ambitious projects including man-made islands, hotels, and shopping malls it’s no wonder tourists are flocking to Dubai.

Local expert, Lady Anne shares her story moving to Dubai and what expat life is like in the ever changing city and the business and cultural hub of the Middle East…

Ruins of the Urartu Kingdom; Yerevan, Armenia

Only a fool discounts the events of the past and their effects on future actions. History not only serves to shape what we become, both as an individual and as a society, but also can be used to predict what might yet occur.

And if there’s one nation that has had to learn from the past but still move beyond it, it’s Armenia.

And where it would be easy to sweep history under the rug and move on, the nation has decided to showcase both its architecture and its stories.Continue

Take a Bath; Tbilisi, Georgia

Feeling weary?

Sore muscles?

Looking for a little R & R?

Maybe you should take a bath?

If you’re in Georgia’s capital of Tbilisi, escape from your hotel and visit one of the city’s many sulfur baths. Continue

Discover the Walled Secrets of Acre Israel

Seldom do ancient cities survive the ebbs and flows of time.

Whether through war, famine or erosion it is not uncommon to see a populated center turn into ruins over the span of centuries.

When a place does manage to maintain its luster it becomes a rare gem, giving visitors the opportunity to travel through time by simply passing through its walls.

Such is the case with Acre IsraelContinue

Discover National Identity; Nizwa, Oman

A visit to an ancient capital city is sure to include some historic sites.  It’s sure to provide some insight into the traditional way of life.  It’s sure to offer the cultural experience rarely found in a bustling metropolis.

A visit to the city of Nizwa offers all the above.  The region caters to visitors seeking to perceive the real identity of Oman.  So leave Muscat and head towards Oman’s interior where lofty expectations are bound to be fulfilled.

History of Nizwa

As one of the country’s oldest cities, Nizwa once served as the capital region of Oman.  It was a logical choice as the city connected the port town of Muscat with the mountainous interior regions of Oman, easing trade concerns.

Nizwa also served as an integral region for the development of the country as an Islamic state.  The congregation of Islamic scholars, development of Islamic schools, and creation of mosques earned the city the moniker of ‘center of Islam’.

The city has since been built up and modernized but traditional trading and Islamic rituals are prevalent to this day.  This is reflected in the main attractions visitors encounter during their visits.