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Great Swiss Railways; Interlaken, Switzerland

For rail enthusiasts there is no better place in Europe to get your fix than in the thin air of the majestic Swiss Alps, which offer some of the most spectacular views on earth. While there are more than a dozen famous rail journeys criss-crossing this mountainous country, two are celebrated above all others.

Swiss Railway

Swiss railways are like everything else in the country. Precise. This is what you would expect out of a country famous for watch-making. It is also very comfortable, clean and an absolute joy to ride on. The tourist journeys are also mainly done in a panoramic caboose with big windows that slant all the way up to the roof, creating a wide open viewing experience. Continue

Sizzling Summer Festivals; Geneva Switzerland

Endless nights of dancing on the lake shores to music from faraway places as shimmering lights dance on the water’s skin.

A Ferris wheel goes round and round while children laugh with joy.

The carnival atmosphere with its colorful flair and casual smiles induce merriment in the air.

It’s time to see Europe’s biggest firework show…

Welcome to the Fetes de Geneve… Continue

Bike Tour; Zurich, Switzerland

Some cities are meant to be explored on a bike. Take Zürich for instance. It’s a city sitting on a beautiful lake and straddling a fine river, in a valley surrounded by snow-capped mountains and incredibly fresh air.

Take into account that trains, boats and funiculars allow bike transport, meaning you can go virtually anywhere. Did I mention that bike rental in Zürich is free?

A Well Oiled Machine

Zürich is a gentrified city with sophisticated people, squeaky clean streets  and organized with precision. Because of this it annually ranks in the top five for cities with the highest standards of living in the world. Due to its strict pollution control measures which ensure its clean air, it is also a bike friendly city.


Cycle Lake Constance; Austria, Germany & Switzerland

There is nothing better than spending a warm summer on a cool the lake.  

Lake Constance is a holiday treat for families, the perfect getaway for romantic couples and a quiet escape for the solitary man or woman. Lake Constance has it all. Regardless of your motives, there is no better way to take in the geographical splendor of this inland sea, than from the seat of a bike.

Lake Constance

Lake Constance is located at the northern foot of the Alps and bordered by Germany, Switzerland and Austria. The lake is prized by all three for its natural beauty, cultural heritage and sustainability. As the third largest lake in Central Europe, it has 167 miles (270km) of shoreline which also includes wonderful biking trails.


Toboggan Runs; Grindelwald, Switzerland

It’s the greatest sled adventure on the planet.

The world’s longest run, is more than nine miles (15km) of continuous slope, with a vertical drop of one mile (1,600m).

It’s fast, it’s endless and it’s so much fun that you will be giggling with joy for hours. Continue