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Harbor Tour; Rotterdam, Netherlands

A port that stretches for 25 miles (41km) is larger than a handful of countries.

Rotterdam’s port is the biggest in Europe and perhaps the most futuristic in the world.

One of the best ways to get a feel for this powerful seafaring city is to glide through its massive harbor on the deck of a boat.


Amazing Cycle Tours; Netherlands

In the Netherlands, cycling is a way of life. No other country in the world has such a prominent cycling culture.

Most people choose biking as a first option and using a car or public transport second .  It is so intertwined with the country’s mobility ethos, that urban planning is often built around it.

Most cities not only have special cycling roads, they even have their own traffic lights!


Ice Skating Amsterdam’s Frozen Canals

Let’s face it… most places in the winter suck.

Cold, damp, grey weather leaves you dreaming of tropical beaches.

This is not the case in Amsterdam.

The liberal city with its famous red light district, marijuana café’s and its lovely frozen canals is an absolute joy in winter.

Cold weather doesn’t slow this incredible city down, or make it dreary. In fact the local people seem to love it. There is a liveliness that cannot be found anywhere else in Europe that time of year.Continue

Lake Romance; Frisian Lakes, Netherlands

Water and the Netherlands have been inextricably connected ever since the Dutch decided to wrestle away land from the North Sea.

By the harmony you see today, you’d never be able to tell that it took a centuries old struggle to get there.

And nowhere is this harmony more complete than in the romantic region of the Friesian Lakes.Continue

Summer in the Hague; Netherlands

While Amsterdam gets all the notoriety, The Hague is not devoid of excitement. The town is like your conservative and serious big sister.

While you are hanging out at bars all night, she’s enjoying a glass of wine on the sofa. While you are at the coffee-house smoking hash, she’s making the world a safer place.

Although Amsterdam is the life of the party, the more sedate Hague takes a more refined, regal and posh approach.

After all, she has some big responsibilities… Continue