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Formula 1; Monte Carlo, Monaco

When the drivers start their engines, the sound is deafening, as though you were standing next to a shuttle about to launch. These piloted ground rockets zoom through the streets at incredible speeds, taking turns that can have the force of 5 g’s.

Formula 1 Grand Prix is the world’s fastest and most prestigious racing circuit, but nowhere is it more treasured, by fans and drivers alike, than in Monte Carlo.Continue

Gambling; Monte Carlo, Monaco

Do you like to gamble?

Are you more alive when the stakes are high and the perks are juicy?

If you’re a high roller, or just want to see where they go to flex their financial muscle, come to Monaco where “whales” will place a bet twice the size of a working man’s yearly wages without batting an eye.

Welcome to the world-famous Monte Carlo, the casino of James Bond and Aristotle Onassis. Where Las Vegas is made to look like a childish theme park.Continue