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Weekend in the Mullerthal Region, Luxemburg

Luxemburg is impossibly beautiful. Starting in the capital city and radiating out in all directions, it gives the visitor a feeling of being in a fantasy world where river nymphs and fairies can found not far from where cupid and his well aimed arrows are waiting in the trees.

Nowhere is this feeling more prevalent than in the Mullerthal Region, a place they call “Little Switzerland,” and a spot that is just magic. Continue

Wenzel’s Walk; Luxembourg City, Luxembourg

It’s wealth is so subtle you would never know it. There are no high-rise buildings and no massive development. Yet, leave no doubt, Luxembourg is a patrician amongst aristocrats. What you find in her city is the very definition of charm and modesty.

Clean streets, flawlessly manicured lawns, castles that retain their antiqueness yet are in perfect condition and a feeling that it was all done effortlessly. Luxembourg is a wonder to behold. Continue

Romantic Weekend; Vianden, Luxemburg

Romance is easy to find in Luxembourg. It’s a country exuding beauty, grace and charm. Where fairytale castles dot the countryside and verdant valleys strewn with vineyards and small villages peek through dense forests. It’s where you can imagine river nymphs heralding love and Cupid waiting in the trees.

Forget Paris, if you want to experience romance in Europe, take your loved one to Vianden in Luxembourg, where  quixotic notions can easily overpower you and having you dropping to a knee.Continue