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Cheryl Howard Shares Her Insider Secrets on Moving to Germany…

Could you quit your job, sell everything, and say farewell to a comfortable life to become an expat?

Sure you can!

Just take the advice of Cheryl Howard – a Canadian who left it all behind to become an expat for 18 months in Berlin, Germany.

And you know what?

She loved every minute of it.

Cheryl has since returned to her hometown of Toronto, Canada but shares her experience becoming an expat, how she prepared for the move, and her tips for living/traveling in Berlin…


An Insider’s Guide to Oktoberfest Germany…

Sweet, delicious flowing beer!

What better way to celebrate an old royal wedding, than with the 16 to 18 day beer-chugging elegance called Oktoberfest?

With an unlimited amount of beer guzzlers, pork knuckle choppers, beer wenches and drunk BFF’s singing David Hasselhoff at the top of their lungs, you’re sure to love the chaos of the 200 year old festivities.Continue

The Romantic Road; Frussen, Germany

When you hear a “Romantic European Getaway” what place comes to mind?  Paris?  Venice? Tuscany?

How about Germany?  Once you have stopped laughing, read on… Continue

Sports Car Autobahn; Germany

Have you ever wanted to sit behind the wheel of a sleek Lamborghini Aventador and test its speed all the way to 200 miles per hour (320kmh)?

Humans love to burn rubber and feel the velocity rush.  However, in a world of safety and speed limits, that wish is muffled by most countries.

Yet there is one cherished place where speed demons can go to get their fix.  The famed Autobahn in Germany, where the roads and laws were built for fast cars and the people who love to drive them. Continue

Ultimate Spa Experience; Munich, Germany

There could be a blizzard raging outside, but you would never know it.

You sit in a lounge chair by the pool surrounded by palm trees in a balmy, climate controlled oasis and admire the painted sky on the massive ceiling.

You can hardly believe that you are in Munich, in the middle of winter… Continue