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A Motor-Flight Through France by Edith Wharton

This travel story is an excerpt from A Motor-Flight Through France by Edith Wharton.

The motor-car has restored the romance of travel.

Freeing us from all the compulsions and contacts of the railway, the bondage to fixed hours and the beaten track, the approach to each town through the area of ugliness and desolation created by the railway itself, it has given us back the wonder, the adventure and the novelty which enlivened the way of our posting grandparents. Above all these recovered pleasures must be ranked the delight of taking a town unawares, stealing on it by back ways and unchronicled paths, and surprising in it some intimate aspect of past time, some silhouette hidden for half a century or more by the ugly mask of railway embankments and the iron bulk of a huge station. Then the villages that we missed and yearned for from the windows of the train—the unseen villages have been given back to us!—and nowhere could the importance of the recovery have been more delightfully exemplified than on a May afternoon in the Pas-de-Calais, as we climbed the long ascent beyond Boulogne on the road to Arras.


Everything You Need to Know About Grenoble France…

My name is Ceci and I lived in Grenoble, France for ten months.

Grenoble can best be described in these five words: diverse, friendly, scenic, budget-friendly, and safe.

Women should consider visiting Grenoble because it is a safe travel destination, is much more diverse than other European cities, and is a relaxing city.

If you want to get away for a while, relax, and take in some scenry while being in a safe, international environment, Grenoble should be next on your bucket list…


How to Take a Bicycle Tour of France by Tanis Marshall

You’ve heard of the Tour de France, right?

It’s an annual, multiple stage bicycle race primarily held in France, while occasionally making passes through nearby countries.

But have you ever thought about cycling your own tour of France?

Tanis Marshall did and shares her insider tips on how to take a bicycle tour of France…


7 Things You’ll Love About Grenoble, France

I confess…

I’ve been studying abroad in Grenoble, France for the past six months and I’ve fallen in love… with the city!

Grenoble is located in the Isère Valley of the French Alps and is a medium-sized city with a student population of around 60,000, lending to its young city vibe.  It’s one of the top business centers of France, being the headquarters for multiple international companies.  It’s also friendly to foreigners without being too touristy.  Grenoble’s location and weather makes it ideal for a visit any time of year.

So, let me tell you my love story and seven reasons why you’ll fall in love with Grenoble too…


The Best Paris Walking Tour (With Photos!)

Paris Walks

They say it can take anywhere from four to nine months to visit the entire art collection at the Louvre.

And that’s just one museum!

But don’t let that get you down.  Even if you don’t have months to tackle all the museums and historic landmarks in Paris, you can still see most of it in on a Paris walking tour.

And the best part…

Most landmarks are outside… so you can glimpse down a courtyard, gate, or unassuming alley to discover Paris’s best kept secrets.

On this Paris walking tour, you’ll discover Paris’s best highlights and neighborhoods…