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Sky Dining; Brussels, Belgium

See if you can stomach it…

You’ll be strapped in a chair that looks like it belongs in a racecar and seated at a rectangular table with 21 other wide-eyed guests.

Once all the safety checks are complete, the entire dinner party will be shot into the skies at 150 feet (45m) within seconds.

Ready for Dinner? Continue

The High Fashion of Antwerp, Belgium

Antwerp is not only the diamond capital of the world, but a burgeoning fashion forward city.

Belgium is known as a shopping Mecca with loads of high quality goods. Yet it’s in Antwerp where artistry and creativity have lit a spark to itsto produce one of Europe’s great style centers and shopping districts.

Being a creative city combined with the world’s most prestigious diamond trade and endless jewelry stores, makes Antwerp a shopping paradise.Continue

Outdoor Museum; Brussels, Belgium

Comic strips, chocolate, and beer. These are the three things Belgium is famous for. All three can be found in abundance in Belgium’s capital city Brussels, a city bursting with culture, style and artistic splendor.

The Art Nouveau movement didn’t start in Brussels, but it did flourish there like nowhere else. The result is a city that doubles as an outdoor museum, with endless points of interest and unparalleled architecture.Continue

Hot Air Balloon Ride; Bruges, Belgium

It’s like stepping back in time. Walking down its gothic streets you can feel the past coming to life. Full of artistic and architectural treasures, Bruges is an urban museum, a veritable time capsule and a tourists dream.

Anyone who comes here for just a day will be cheating themselves of time well spent.

The City of Cloth Merchants

Bruges is the capital of the Flemish Region in northwestern Belgium. Inhabited since pre-Roman times, Bruges became a textiles super power as well as a renowned port city in the 13th century.

Today it is a small city with little more than a hundred thousand residents and boasts an old world charm unrivaled in Europe. It is also one of the best preserved medieval towns in the world.Continue

Europe’s Biggest Festival; Ghent, Belgium

Ten days of nonstop entertainment.

Six separate, but cohesive festivals going on at the same time.

The entire city – every park, city square, street corner and alleyway turns into a stage.

Every kind of music you can think of, theater, artists, acrobats, mimes, mimics, psychics, you name it, you will find it.

No matter how hard you try, you can’t possibly see it all, but you’ll have a hell of a good time trying!