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Discover the World’s Largest Ice Cave – Eisriesenwelt

Eisriesenwelt is German and means “The World of Ice Giants.”

It looks like it came straight out of a science fiction novel.

Even before you start the steep ascent up the bare, craggy mountain face, you see it…

A giant hole that looks like the entrance to a dragon’s lair.

The locals refused to go into it for centuries, believing it was the doorway to hell.

From the outside, it’s easy to see why…


Ultimate Recreation Park; Area 47, Austria

Sorry kids, but this playground is for the big boys and girls.

Area 47 is not for kids, but it will sure have you giggling like one.

Europe’s largest outdoor adventure park will have you splashing in the water, flying through the air and covering a lot of ground. There is enough adrenaline filled activity to last you a year. Continue

The Greenways Trail; Czech Republic & Austria

Prague and Vienna. Two cities that evoke images of grandeur. Two jewels in Europe’s crown. Yet for more than 40 years they were worlds apart, closed off by an iron curtain and dark cloud.

All that has changed, and with the summer sun shining, a long hike is the best way to connect those age-old capitals. Continue

Dancing at the Opernball and More in Vienna…

Have you ever wanted to know how European high society likes to party?

Why not see for yourself?

Throw on your best gown or put on your tux and dust off your dancing shoes.

It’s ball season in Vienna and you need to look your best!

The City of Music & Dreams

Vienna is the capital and largest city in Austria. Inhabited since pre-roman times, Vienna has been a prominent city for most of its history, most notably as the seat of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. It also has a rich musical heritage (Beethoven and Mozart) that gave birth to the pageantry of the Viennese Ball.

Today, this tradition is still strong with more than 450 significant Balls each year. The crux of them, however, take place during the Viennese Ball Season, starting in November and ending in February. For three months, some of the most opulent and garish events take place in a handful of Vienna’s most treasured venues.


Snowboarding; Innsbruck, Austria

This isn’t a quaint ski village.

It’s a full-blown city in the middle of Europe’s most renown mountain range.

With a cosmopolitan feel and all the modern amenities, this winter sports metropolis is unrivaled in the Alps. Perfect slopes and openness to snowboarding has dubbed Innsbruck “The Boarder’s City.” Continue