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How to Spend an Instanbul Constantinople Day…

One thing is for certain – while civilizations rise and fall, only Istanbul (like the great phoenix) keeps rising from the ashes, more glorious than ever. Maybe it’s because Istanbul has always been the gateway between Europe and the East. Maybe it’s this culture collision which has created its magnetic charm.


Hike the Lycian Way; Fethiye, Turkey

It’s a Hikers dream.  310 miles (500km) of pristine trails passing by ancient ruins, majestic limestone mountainsides, enchanting pine forests, sweeping sea views, unspoiled remote villages and even the occasional private beach.


Have you ever wanted to see Turkey at its best? Without the bothersome noise of bustling city centers and crowded tourist destinations? Look no further. The Lycian Way in Turkey’s Southwestern Mediterranean Sea Coast has it all. Chalked full of nature, history and quiet adventure in one incredible trek.Continue

Blue Voyage Cruise; Turkish Riviera, Turkey

“It was with a happy heart that the good Odysseus spread his sail to catch the wind.” – Homer’s Odysseus

Historians believe that Odysseus sailed a traditional Gulet (Turkish sail boat) hugging the Mediterranean coast known as the Turkish Riviera which possibly lead to his happy heart.

Wonders of the Ancient World

The Turkish Riviera boasts two of the seven wonders of the ancient world – The Temple of Artemis (550BC) and the Mausoleum of Halicarnassus (350BC). Moreover, Odysseus wasn’t the only one to sail on these mythological waters. It’s incredible beauty lured everyone from Alexander the Great to a litany of Roman Emperors.

Over the centuries it has been ruled by Greeks, Persians, Romans and Ottomans, many leaving their ruins on the coast. Much of it can be seen from one of the most sought after boat cruises in the world- the immortalized Blue Voyage, named after the impossibly turquoise blue waters along the coast.


Turkey’s Ulitmate Party on Bodrum Beach…

When you think of Turkey do wild all night beach parties come to mind?

I didn’t think so.

This is certainly no Thailand, but there is a hedonistic place in this country where you can let your hair down, knock back a few  shots of Raki, and head to a foam party. It’s called Bodrum, and it’s the best party place you can find on the Turkish Riviera.


Moon Walks and Cappadocia Tours in Turkey

A lunar landscape filled with craters and unusual rock formations span as far as the eye can see.

Cappadocia, Turkey provides an ethereal terrain reminiscent of the moon and welcomes thousands of visitors each year.  If you enjoy caves and rock carvings along with strange scenery, then you have come to the right place.Continue