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5 Reasons Why You’ll Love Slovenia

Lake Bled

I’m horrible at keeping secrets.

And as much as I don’t want to share this one, I’m going to…

Europe’s latest hidden gem is Slovenia.

And after traveling to Slovenia this past month, I’ve decided to share my five reasons why Slovenia is Europe’s most under-rated country…


Winter Magic; Ljubljana,Slovenia

It’s hard not to love Slovenia.

It’s the butt of many jokes, yet within its narrow borders lies some of the most diverse and spectacular lands in Europe.

In the heart of it all is Slovenia’s charming capital Ljubljana, which in December turns into Europe’s most enjoyable winter wonderland.Continue

Legendary Horse Rides; Lipica, Slovenia

For thousands of years horses have been inextricably connected to man. The Mustang, Stallion, Bronco, and Charger.  Today these are sports teams and car monikers. Yet since ancient times they have helped shape human history and enhanced civilizations.

Symbolizing the taming of the wild beast and the harmonic relationship with nature, horses have been revered by every culture on earth for their power, beauty, nobility and freedom. Today, these qualities are still on display on every continent. Though one place in Slovenia seems to display these qualities more than any other.

Welcome to the Lipica Stud Farm.Continue

Kayak the Emerald Beauty; Soca River, Slovenia

This river is so pure you can cup some in your hands and drink it. And it’s green. Not the dull forest green of the typical mud river, but the completely transparent green of the most vivid emerald hue. The kind of green that makes you stop, and say “Wow.”

The Soca River, (pronounced ‘Sotcha’) or the Emerald Beauty as it’s called in Slovenia, is an alpine river with its source high in the picturesque Julian Alps. The river meanders its way south, passing several cities before spilling out into the Adriatic Sea 86 miles (140km) later.

It is a rare river, the only of its kind to retain its brilliant green color from start to finish.Continue

Camping Adventures; Lake Bled, Slovenia

Lake Bled is not big, and it’s not very deep. It’s not fearsome as its name suggests either.

In fact, it is doesn’t have any distinctions, besides being one of the most picturesque places on earth. This pretty little lake with its tiny island is iconic the world over for its romantic, fairy tale setting.

History of Lake Bled

The lake is in the northwestern part of Slovenia in the Julian Alps. It was created by a glacier that receded long ago, leaving emerald-green waters and a glassy surface in its wake.

It has a small island (the only natural island in Slovenia) in the center, with a famous church on it. Because of its natural beauty it has become one of Slovenia’s biggest tourist attractions.