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The Beginner’s Guide to Belgrade, Serbia

City Guide Belgrade

My name is Zorica and my city is Belgrade.

I have lived in my city Belgrade for 20 years.

My city is best described by these five words: buzzing, mysterious, progressive, hospitable, and beautiful.

The most famous thing about my city is its nightlife.

The best way to explore my city is by walking.

The best place to shop is at the shopping malls Delta City and Ušće shopping center.  They have a wide variety of brands, movie theathers etc.

A good walking tour is through the downtown and the Belgrade fortress. You’ll see the Republic Square, Kralja Petra street, Kalemegdan park and other landmarks along the way.


Wild Explorations; Tara National Park, Serbia

Didn’t anyone tell you?

Serbia is one of the most beautiful countries in Europe.

With five national parks, numerous mountain ranges, endless vineyards and delightful cities and villages, Serbia is a joy from border to border. What stands out in a country full of attractive sites? One place has an incomparable beauty that will make you feel like you have entered the Garden of Eden. Continue

Relive the Balkan Brass Battle in Guca, Serbia

Professor Nikola Stojic, founder of the Guča Trumpet Festival sums up the festival perfectly by saying, “If someone never sings, in Guča they will sing. If someone never dances, in Guča they will dance. If someone wants to be kissed,  in Guča they will find someone to hug and kiss.”

Some call it the blues of Europe and rightfully so.

Have you ever listened to Balkan trumpet music?

The rhythm comes from the player’s heart and moves into your soul. Long after the music stops, the tune lingers between the ears and leaks from the skin.


Mountain Madness; Peja, Kosovo

Traveling in Kosovo is tricky.

On one hand, the people are warm, gentle and hospitable, while the natural beauty is simply staggering. On the other hand, tensions are always high with Serbia and there is always the threat of escalation.

This age-old animosity between Albanians and Serbs is making it difficult for Kosovo and Serbia to move forward and for you to walk in. But don’t let that stop you.

Kosovo has too much beauty to pass by, especially the Rugova Gorge; and once you are in, the only thing you will feel is peace and quiet.Continue

A Day in the City; Belgrade, Serbia

Its east meets west; past meets present. Belgrade is the heart of a nation that has always been at the crossroads. A beautiful country that has what every civilization and empire has desired – unrivaled natural beauty and resources.

Belgrade is again rising from the proverbial ashes and its wonderful people and lovely lands are just waiting to be re-discovered.