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Paraglide Madeira Islands; Portugal

You stand high above the towering cliffs with an eager wind brushing your skin. You have goose bumps but it’s not from the cold. You take a few steps forward and feel yourself go weightless as you lift into the skies. Soon the island is miles below you and the beach you plan to land on looks like a tiny line drawn in sand.

It doesn’t get any better than this.Continue

Surfing the Golden Seas; Algarve, Portugal

Welcome to Ponta de Sagres or perhaps better known as “The End of the World.”  And that is exactly what Europeans thought of it before the discovery of America.

Constituting the extreme southwestern corner of Europe, Sagres is also Portugal’s answer to surf city USA. Continue

A Day Trip in the Argarve Region; Silves, Portugal

The sleepy little town of Silves is located in the Algarve region of Portugal just a short drive inland from Faro, around 40 miles (65km) if you are travelling by bus or taking a scenic drive in the countryside.  It’s quite possibly the perfect day-trip escape.

Silves boasts one of the best-preserved castles in all of the Algarve, Castelo de Silves, as well as a Gothic cathedral and an archaeological museum.

Apart from these outstanding landmarks, Silves’ most striking feature is the rows of vivid orange rooftops that stretch across the banks of the Rio Arade.


Great Cable Car Rides; Lisbon, Portugal

Portugal is the California of Europe, and the capital Lisbon is the San Francisco.

Don’t believe it?  Just look at the facts.

Both cities are situated on a southwestern coast at the same latitude with perfect weather and lovely beaches. They even have a similar shape and are known for great surfing.

They are both charming metropolises built on seven hills. Each is known for its distinctive boroughs, colorful architecture, breathtaking panoramas and progressive attitude.

Both are noted art, coffee and wine cultures.

Both were redefined by devastating earthquakes and most remarkably, they each have a Golden colored Bridge crossing the oceanic entrance they are located on.

Throw in some vintage yellow cable cars and what you are left with is twin cities.Continue

Port Wine Capital; Porto, Portugal

If it wasn’t for the city of Porto, Portugal wouldn’t have a name or its signature wine, and the world would be deprived of this gorgeous city on the river and by sea. Full of colorful baroque style buildings covering its hilly streets, climbing right down to the riverfront and its pleasant promenade, Porto creates a lasting romantic reputation.

Antique Rabelos (small port wine transport boats) line the Douro River’s edge waiting to take visitors on a sail through memory lane. Picturesque bridges soar high above the city, connecting port wine enthusiasts to waiting cave cellars…Continue