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Days On The Lake; Ohrid, Macedonia

Lake Ohrid should be a household name. It’s not just strikingly beautiful; it’s heaven on earth, which is why people and wildlife have been drawn to this oasis since the beginning of time. Few places evoke such a sense of peace and tranquility, while offering unending cultural and historical treasures.

A few days spent on Lake Ohrid is worth a lifetime of memories…

Lake Ohrid

Lake Ohrid is more than three million years old and 940 feet (288m) deep, making it one of the oldest and deepest in the world. The village that bears its name has been inhabited since at least the 4th century BC when Alexander The Great’s Father (Philip) conquered it.

Today, Ohrid is Macedonia’s greatest tourist draw, which is not saying much. Remarkably, Macedonia is well off the tourist map and is relatively unknown, which is lucky for you. For the time being, you will not have to deal with large crowds. Nonetheless, make haste because the secret of this incredible place will soon be out…


Nature & Nurture; Bitola, Macedonia

Some countries seem to be forgotten. They are rich with natural beauty, historical significance and brimming with fascinating cultures. Yet for one reason or another, they fell through the cracks. Macedonia is one of these countries just waiting to be rediscovered.

A good place to start? The cosmopolitan city of Bitola is charming in itself, but when you add the national park of Pelister and the excavation of Heraclea (both very close), what you have is an elixir for a wonderful weekend.Continue

Matka Lake in Macedonia

If there is one thing Macedonia is not short on, it’s natural beauty.

This small and forgotten country has more stunning attractions than many nations twice its size. One such place happens to be an oasis less than 10 miles (15km) from the capital Skopje, and is so incredible that you will need a few days just to absorb it all.

Come to Womb Lake, where one of earth’s treasures will gift you with the weekend of a lifetime.Continue

Ancient Observatories; Kokino, Macedonia

Sometimes the most amazing places are right under our nose.

Even though the rocky outcropping of Kokino has been in plain view since the beginning of time, it was only in 2001 that scientists discovered it was one of the most important ancient observatories on earth.

While not the stunner like Stonehenge, this Megalithic site is among the giants of stellar surveillance and is well worth a trip to see it in person.