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Mighty Aphrodite’s Beaches; Paphos, Cyprus

Aphrodite, the Goddess of love, beauty and sexual rapture, was born out of sea-foam on the beach of Paphos in southern Cyprus.

Since then, Gods and men alike have been coming here in search of her, or at least someone with her likeness and embodying her rapturous nature. If truth be told, Cyprus is not a bad place to look.Continue

Island Hopping; Cyclades, Greece

The most celebrated island chain in the world…

The stuff of legend, steeped in mythology…

Snow-white cities built on rugged mountain tops, endless deep blue seas, enchanting beaches and sunsets that take your breath away…

It’s no wonder The Cyclades are arguably the most romantic place in the world.Continue

Inland Adventure on the Island of Crete

The island of Crete is a utopia for nature lovers and adventure seekers alike.

With over 3,000 caves, 100 gorges, towering mountains and vast plateaus to explore, the island of Crete offers more than a lifetime of exploration.

So strap on your boots, the islands most unforgettable sights await you. Continue

Sacred Monasteries; Meteoras, Greece

To lay eyes upon them for the first time is surreal. Even after you squint and rub your eyes, you’ll still question if you’re seeing things properly.

The Meteoras, which translates to “suspended in the air,” are astounding pillars of towering sandstone rock that resemble an arm punching through the flat plains, as if reaching for the heavens. And to top it off (literally),  daring monks chose to build their monasteries at the tip-pity top, as if suspended in thin air. Continue

Discover the Best Crete Beaches Greece Has to Offer…

It’s a fairyland bursting with impossible colors and wondrous landscapes.

Where crystal clear seas of deep blues and greens reveal living reefs and submerged ruins.

Where hidden coves, quiet bays and passive peninsulas wait to be discovered.

Where you can cast ashore on a clandestine beach and know that the sun will never stop shining.

Welcome to Crete.