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Sailing the Dalmatian Coast; Croatia

If the movie 101 Dalmatians gave you good memories from your childhood, then imagine what 1,246 will do for you now.

I’m not talking about dogs here, I’m speaking of Islands.

All flawless in their unspoiled natural beauty.  Without a doubt, the best way to see this part of the world is from the deck of a fine boat.

The Dalmatian Coast and Islands of Croatia are simply a marvel to behold. Wild, mountainous, forested and fringed with sandy shores. After hours gliding through crystal clear turquoise waters, these islands beg for a sailors’ kiss.Continue

Diving the Dalmatians; Croatia

It’s an underwater wonder world. Like being in a fishbowl of art, history and beauty. Weightless and careless you absorb the big blue world with wide eyes, taking in the peaceful harmony of this dancing, submerged world.

Quite simply, diving the Dalmatians is unforgettable.

Diving by the Numbers

Croatia has 1,200 scenic miles (1,800km) of Adriatic Sea coastline, bordered by Italy to the north and Montenegro in the south. It has more than 35 fantastically diverse dive sites, while licensed diving centers can be found on most islands and coastal cities throughout the country.


Unwinding in Dubrovnik; Croatia

It’s a sultry day in late July and the sun is hot, sitting at its zenith in a cloudless sky. You sit high above the city enjoying a  coffee, thankful for the cooling ocean breeze. Gazing down on the city below you catch yourself admiring the subtle curves and harmonious colors – the contrast of turquoise waters on light grey walls crowned with a sea of bright red roofs.

You can’t remember when the last time you were so relaxed, so taken by beauty.

Welcome to Dubrovnik… Continue

Camping in Plitvice National Park; Croatia

You may have sailed the seven seas and kicked stones across every continent on earth, but nothing is as inspiring or truly breathtaking, as the colorful lakes and lovely waterfalls of Plitvice National Park.

To witness this scene for the first time, is to stand in awe of a gift from the Gods, whether you believe in them or not.

Nature in all Her Glory

Plitvice is one of the oldest national parks in Europe and the largest in Croatia. It’s also the most popular, drawing more than a million visitors each year.

It’s comprised of 16 cascading lakes, separated by natural (travertine) dams and connected by a succession of waterfalls, giving it a beautiful terraced appearance. Surrounding it all to form a gentle pocket are mountains covered in dense woods.

The colors of the lakes vary from blues, greens and grays, to combinations of the three, which change constantly due to natural factors, including sunlight. As beautiful and inviting as these clean and clear waters are, no swimming is not allowed. A small price to pay for a pristine park.