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Top Hospitality; Sarajevo, Bosnia

There are many places on earth with amazing views, natural wonders, architectural marvels and rich history. While it’s no Paris, Sarajevo has all these and more.

What Paris lacks, however, and the Sarajevans have in abundance, is warm hospitality.

The people of Sarajevo are happy to be alive, grateful for what they have, generous to a fault, and welcoming to all. They say that a man’s wealth is not measured by his material belongings but rather in his friendships.

In Sarajevo, where everyone makes you feel like a friend, they take this maxim seriously. Continue

Canyoning; Bosnia-Herzegovina

It’s one of the most exciting outdoor adventure sports. Following rivers through wild landscapes, absenting down cliffs, jumping into pools below waterfalls, and climbing over massive boulders. It involves skill, agility and teamwork, but above all, it is endless fun.

One of the best and most beautiful places in Europe to do it, is in the remote and rugged wilderness of southern Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The Rakitnica Gorge

The village of Konjic lies in a mountainous and densely forested region between the capital Sarajevo and the lovely village of Mostar. It’s the ideal place to stay while making daily excursions into the Rakitnica Gorge, a 16 mile (26km) long canyon with spectacular rock formations and the pure, emerald waters of the Rakitnica River.

There is a wonderful trail that follows the ridge, but the best way to ply through the gorge is by canyoning along the river.


Scenic Rail Journeys; Mostar, Bosnia

The train.  The great iron snake that slithers through the wild countryside, evoking a sense of wonder in all who ride it.

Some journeys are best experienced on a train, where the rails follow a magical path through rough terrain with untouched beauty. Where hypnotic landscapes keep you from blinking and cause you to hold your breath.

The train from Mostar to Sarajevo in Bosnia and Herzegovina is one such journey.Continue