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Great Ferry Rides; Lake Komani, Albania

If you come to Albania for one reason, let it be for a timeless ride on the famous Lake Komani Ferry.

Essentially a reservoir with the appearance of a Norwegian fjord, this “lake” is one of the most beautiful in Europe. Passengers slowly glide by on a beat up old ferry through a great big gorge with colossal mountains shooting up more than 3300 feet (1000m) on all sides.

Don’t forget to bring your video camera along, you will want proof to show your friends.Continue

Unspoiled Mediterranean; Sarande, Albania

It’s like going back in time. It’s how the Mediterranean must have been a hundred years ago, before package holidays, huge hotels, expensive sun beds and traffic stole the show. Luckily, there is one place left in the Med where you can go to get the unspoiled essence of coastal purity – The Albanian Riviera.

It’s not a tourist destination; it’s infrastructure is antiquated and there is very little development. That is exactly why you should go there. Continue

Ancient Trails; Via Egnatia, Albania

Do you know how the Romans created the greatest empire the world has ever known?

They invented concrete and used it to build roads. They were so well constructed, that many of them are still being used today, especially for trekking.

Take a hike along the Via Egnatia. It’s a walk for the ages, a saunter through the green valleys and unspoiled mountains of Albania. A walk you will never forget…