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BASE Jump the Pulpit; Ryfylke, Norway

Are you afraid of heights?  Then stay away.  Stay far, far away.

There are no fences, guardrails or uniformed men, and nothing between you and one hell of a majestic view.

Most people hold their breath as they inch their way to the edge, fighting fear so they can peer over the cliff to the breathtaking fjords below.

Then there are the crazy ones who stride confidently to the edge. And jump.


View the Northern Lights; Tromsø, Norway

The conditions are perfect. It’s the first cloudless night in a few days and your excited guide calls to say tonight is the night. The dog sleds are ready and you strike out into the wilderness with a sky full of twinkling stars. Around midnight you see it for the first time, and it takes your breath away.

Swirls of vibrant light in hues of green, blue and yellow dance across the sky and you’re sure you have never seen anything so beautiful in your life. Continue

Urban Outdoors; Oslo, Norway

When you think of capital cities, do you imagine forests, lakes and hills?


Well, one city maybe the best example of a harmonious highly urbanized city within’ natural surroundings.

Oslo sits in the cul-de-sac of the Oslo Fjord, an inlet in the southeast of the country. The forests, lakes and hills, as well as rivers, islands, beaches and ocean in and about this picturesque capital surrounded can easily make you forget you are in a bustling city.

Clean air and quiet trails are always just minutes away. Continue

Kayak the Fjord; Flam, Norway

The silence is nearly total.

The only sound is the occasional lapping of a paddle gently entering the water. Surrounded by dramatic cliffs soaring into the skies, you glide through glass-smooth glacial water that is so pure you can cup some in your hands and drink it. As you marvel at the scenery, a whale surfaces beside you, rocketing a burst of water from her blowhole.

Welcome to heaven on earth.Continue

Great Road Trips; Atlanterhavsveien, Norway

From never-ending stretches of inviting coastline to placid fjords to sheer mountain cliffs to appealing archipelagos and glowing blue glaciers, Norway has it all. All conveniently accessible by road. The result is an exciting drive in one of the most spectacular settings in the world.Continue