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Incredible Castles; Trakai, Lithuania

It’s one of the world’s most magnificent castles.

Occupying one of more than 20 small islands in the middle of Lake Galve, it rests regally while sailboats and swans glide over the glassy water.

On a warm summer day, there is no better way to experience that storybook setting than on a romantic sail on the lake.Continue

Sand Dune Cycling; Curonian Spit, Lithuania

It’s a miracle of nature.

Reaching up out of the sea, it forms a golden strip of dunes with soft sands and perfect beaches. The dark blue sea laps gently on one side while the calm waters of a deep blue lagoon rest peacefully on the other.

In between is a pleasant cycle path that creates one of the best bike journeys on the planet.Continue

Hill of Crosses; Siauliai, Lithuania

You can see it from a considerable distance, but the closer you get the more awe-inspiring the sight becomes. Tens of thousands of crosses of every shape and size dominate the entire hill. There is nothing like it in the world, a collection of crosses that could make the Vatican envious.

It’s not just an altar to Jesus, it’s a monument to the endurance of the people of Lithuania and their freedom as well.Continue

A Day In Vilnius, Lithuania

This city was born of a dream. Literally. In the 14th century, the Grand Duke of Gediminas dreamed of a great iron horse and sought out a member of the priestly caste to interpret the dream for him. The man predicted that the duke would build a great city that would be the capital of the country and known throughout the world. Turns out he was right. Vilnius was erected shortly thereafter and the prophesy was fulfilled.

What the wise man didn’t say is that well into the 21st century Vilnius would be a beautiful place with amazing architecture and great people.