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Sea, Sand & Spas; Jurmala, Latvia

It’s the perfect weekend getaway. Less than an hour’s drive from the Baltic metropolis of Riga, you feel a world of a difference. Step out of the car and within minutes you feel the fresh air and warm sun in Jurmala soothing your soul and relaxing the body.

What to do next? Take your pick. Sit at the beach, go for a swim, get a spa treatment, take a walk in the forest or sit at a café and sip on a coffee.

Just take your time; there is no rushing at the beach in Jurmala. Continue

Castles & Caves; Sigulda, Latvia

Above ground or below, Sigulda has something to delight you. The village is studded with castles (old and new), churches and a historic town center. It’s also bursting with natural treasures including a wonderful cave, a beautiful river, large lakes, thick forests and sandstone cliffs.

The icing on Sigulda’s cake is her adventure offerings. Bungee jumping, ziplining, arboreal obstacle courses, and a gravity-defying wind tunnel is just the start. This little town packs a big punch and will make you want to keep coming back for more.


A Weekend In Riga, Latvia

There is no reason to hesitate. It is not hidden behind the Iron Curtain anymore, nor is it in an ex-Soviet republic in shambles.

What is Riga?

It’s a burgeoning city in a free country leaving its oppressive past behind. What is it for you? A city bursting with culture, flavor, splendor and revelry and overflowing with good nature.

Riga has a magnetism that you will have trouble pulling away from. There is so much to see and do, don’t even think about going there for less than a few days.