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Me, Myself, a Renault Clio and the Road…

It all starts with that damn car.

A little Renault Clio that I can probably push with my little finger.  We look long and hard at each other, this Clio and I.

I know I am taking a bold move going through with my plan:  I plan on driving this little thing to Blarney Castle, The Cliffs of Moher and back to Dublin where I’m still standing, staring at the Clio. I am also going to undertake this adventure solo – me, the twenty-five-year-old American girl who only learned to drive a stick a mere six months before through the winter snows of Indiana.

I walk over to the left side of the car, only to stop and curse at myself.  Of course, I’m in Ireland now.

I walk to the other sideand open the door.  I take a deep breath and slide into the driver seat.  I take my time as I get my things settled, set the GPS for Blarney Castle, put on my seatbelt and turn on the ignition…


Discovering The Giant’s Causeway; Northern Ireland

Gazing outward, you’re surrounded by over 40,000 basalt columns.

They appear a little too organized for Nature’s hand; hundreds of these small columns lay stacked atop each other as if some giant had piled them up in an attempt to cross the sea.

It’s an easy story to believe though fact and fiction tell very different stories about its creation.


Powerscourt Estate & Gardens; County Wicklow, Ireland

Honored as the “Garden of Ireland,” County Wicklow boasts some of the most breathtaking gardens in the world. Situated a stones-throw away from Dublin, the gorgeous castle and immaculately landscaped gardens of the Powerscourt Estate will travel you back in time to the 13th century and make you feel like royalty. Continue

Listen to the Choral Festival; Cork, Ireland

The Irish – world-class people known for their conversation, drinking, and of course musical talents.

With music spilling out of pubs across the land, it’s no wonder that the internationally acclaimed choral festival takes place in Cork, Ireland every year.Continue

Oysters & Guinness: Galway, Ireland

Oysters. A delectable treasure from the sea. Sure, claims to their amorous qualities may remain questionable… but when it comes to taste, oysters are loved around the world. And there are very, very few places in the world which feature these little jewels with such gusto (read “alcohol”) as the Galway Oyster Festival.

Each year in late September, tens of thousands of patrons flock to Galway to celebrate the first month of oyster season. The oysters are pulled from beds within Galway Bay, where wild oysters still thrive to this day.Continue