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Singing Sensations; Tallinn, Estonia

Have you ever heard 30,000 people singing at once? How about 30,000 people singing patriotic folk songs that are emotionally charged with a longing for freedom and a call to unity? It’s a powerful experience that tugs the heartstrings of even those not usually given over to sentiment.

Nowhere will you find a country with a more deeply rooted love for singing than Estonia.Continue

National Parks & Reserves; Saaremaa, Estonia

It can sometimes be difficult to find natural diversity in Europe’s agricultural landscapes.  Forests are a rarity and wild species are most likely to be found at the zoo.

For those looking to discover rare species of flora and fauna, Estonia’s island of Saaremaa offers a traveler’s paradise.  Vast diversity can be found in terrain, bird species, and plants.Continue

Swamp Canoe; Soomaa, Estonia

Have you ever been stuck in a quagmire? Literally? In Estonia, there is an extraordinary landscape full of peat bogs, dense flooded forest and rich biodiversity that will make you glad you have been.

It’s a place where people can hop in a traditional canoe and paddle through the early morning mist to take in the strange and overwhelming beauty. Continue

Lazy Beach Days; Pärnu, Estonia

What comes to mind when you think of Estonia? Not much, right? That’s exactly why you should visit this gem of a country with all of its hidden jewels. Do it quickly before the masses find out, and while you’re at it, put the beach paradise of Pärnu on the top of your list.

It’s not just the best seaside town Estonia has to offer, it is maybe the best the Baltics have to offer. A combination of sun-basking, sea-bathing and total well-being, Pärnu is among the giants of health resorts.Continue

Get Medieval; Tallinn, Estonia

Located along the Baltic Sea, Tallinn – proud capital of Estonia – is a combination of forward thinking optimism and medieval architecture. Estonia escaped Soviet control in 1991, and just 13 years later, found themselves accepted into the European Union.

They haven’t looked back since.

But nowhere is Estonia’s nationalistic pride more apparent than Tallinn’s Old Town. Cobblestone streets weave through medieval alleys lined with stone walls and watchtowers, before bursting unexpectedly onto the Baltic coastline. No matter your viewpoint, St. Olav’s Church emerald green spire towers over the city skyline.Continue