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Shop Till You Drop; Copenhagen, Denmark

For some people, shopping is a pastime; for others, it’s an art form; for still others … well, think 12-step program. Then there are the window shoppers, those dreamers of the consumer world.

Wherever you fall in that spectrum, not many places can satisfy every shopping appetite the way that Copenhagen does. Not only does it have everything you are looking for, it also has many things you never knew you needed.Continue

Cycle City; Copenhagen, Denmark

Many veritable organizations call it “the most livable city on the earth.”  Unquestioningly, Copenhagen is one of the most environmentally friendly cities in the world, and residents enjoy a standard of living rarely seen elsewhere.

What is the winning combination?

An emphasis on sustainable energy, green technologies, intelligent design and a collective wish to live in a clean and progressive city.

What is the wild card in this equation? The people love to bike and prefer it over driving or public transportation.


Theme Park Mecca; Billund, Denmark

Denmark is a Mecca for family holidays.

The Danes invented the very idea of the theme park. Six of the top 10 tourist attractions in Denmark are theme parks and they attract more than 10 million people each year.

They also invented the Lego.

Simply put, there is no other country on earth where your kids will have more fun. Continue

Roskilde Music Festival; Roskilde, Denmark

It’s always in the top five. Each year in June, more than 100,000 people gather in Roskilde for a week of camping, carousing, cavorting and canoodling.

Lucky for you it’s full of Scandinavians, the most attractive people on earth.

After some heavy drinking, this notoriously shy and reticent lot become the life of the party at one of Europe’s greatest music festivals.

Don’t miss it! Continue