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City by the Black Sea; Odessa, Ukraine

It’s Ukraine’s San Diego. A big city with a small town feel sitting on beautiful beaches and featuring all the cosmopolitan delights. Great weather means days spent soaking up the sun, while nights involve drinking and dancing with attractive locals in the moonlight.

Odessa is not just a holiday destination, it’s a place to have the time of your life.

The Pearl of the Black Sea

Odessa is the Black Sea’s biggest city and the fourth biggest in Ukraine’s with a population of over a million. As the country’s biggest port, it is also a center of trade and commerce, while exuding an international feel.

Because of its abundance of sunny days, mild climate and warm waters, it is a popular holiday destination luring hundreds of thousands of visitors.


Seaside Rendezvous; Crimea, Ukraine

Have you ever wanted to know where Russian Billionaire’s spend their holidays?

The answer is Crimea Ukraine’s diamond shaped peninsula with an island like feel in the Black Sea.

There is no wonder why they come here to relax.

Stunning mountains, warm waters and long summers make it heaven on earth. Continue

Ski & Snowboard the Carpathian Mountains; Ukraine

The blinding white that surrounds you is pure heaven.  It’s just you and the mountain, with only God and gravity to guide your way down. 

The Carpathian Mountains are an untapped ski mine, just waiting to be developed into a range worthy of the winter Olympics. How long it will take is anyone’s guess. In the mean time, the Ukraine is waiting to welcome those who like to ski off the beaten slope.Continue

Castle Wonderland; Lviv, Ukraine

Have you ever dreamed of owning a real European castle? It’s not impossible. In fact, if you can afford an apartment in New York, one of these castles could be yours.  Allow me to introduce the Lviv Region in Ukraine, a place where dreams of castles can come true.

Lviv, The Cradle Of Culture

Ukraine is a vibrant country, abundantly rich in culture and history. Nowhere within its borders is this richness more on display, than in the lively region of Lviv. Over the centuries, the people who lived here strived to create a harmonious blend between architecture and nature.

The successful result is reflected in the many beautiful castles and cathedrals sitting majestically in picturesque settings across the region, creating the heart and soul of Ukrainian culture.