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Trans Siberian Train; Vladivostok, Russia

It’s the longest and most famous railway in the world. Cherished by rail enthusiasts everywhere, the name alone evokes a sense of wonder, curiosity and immensity. With 5,753 miles (9,259km) of continuous track, the Trans-Siberian Railway cuts through some of the most rugged, extreme, pristine and awe-inspiring terrain in Russia.Continue

River Rafting the Urals Mountains; Russia

Out in the wild, the only sound you hear is the roar of the raging river.

Imposing boulders jut out of the frigid water, steep slopes form the canyon walls, proudly displaying the rivers history of a million years knifing through the mountains.

The raft awaits you, ready to swept you down the swift current.

What are you waiting for?Continue

Wanderlust; St Petersburg, Russia

Over 4,000 outstanding individual architectural monuments, 220 museums, 80 theaters, and 150 concert organizations, galleries and exhibition halls.  Impressed?  You should be.

Out of Russia’s 300 year history, St. Petersburg has been the capitol for 200 years.  It rivals the political and economical center of Moscow, by offering rich culture, art, and history. Continue

Baikal Lake Living; Listvyanka, Russia

Looking out across the water, it’s hard to believe that Baikal is in fact a lake. You won’t be able to swim across it, you can’t dive to it’s deepest point, and you certainly won’t be exploring it’s circumference.

But for all of the things you can’t do, Lake Baikal offers a bevy of activities for those stay on its shores.

Lake Baikal

As a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Lake Baikal is located between Irkutsk and Ulan-Ude. Stretching from north to south, the body of water is recognized as both the world’s oldest and deepest lake. Covering a massive surface area of around 12,248 square miles (31,722km2), it’s safe to say that when it comes to visiting Baikal, you’ll have to pick your spots.

Where much of the lake is inaccessible by road, there are a few key spots to spend the night at water’s edge. If you’re looking for an accessible destination with a choice of hotels and restaurants, make your way to Listvyanka.


Cosmonaut School; Star City, Russia

Ever wanted to be an Astronaut?

Well here’s your chance.

With the fall of the Iron Curtain came a total collapse of the Russian economy, which left some of the most technologically advanced industries without funding.

While this wasn’t good for Russia, it’s great for many people around the world with a dream to fly in space and the money to make it happen.