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Getting Lost in Old Town; Krakow, Poland

It’s like New York City without the overcrowded streets and overwhelming skyline…

… ok, it’s nothing like New York.

But Krakow does have a famous park, a cosmopolitan feel and a seemingly endless amount of attractions to see.

It doesn’t take long for visitors to realize why this is Poland’s crown jewel.

Krakow sits atop a pre-historical site in southern Poland, with evidence showing habitation going back to the stone age. Polish legend tells of a mythical ruler named Krakus, who built the great city above a cave, housing a fire-breathing dragon. For certain, Krakow has been a powerful and storied city for over a thousand years and today visitors can see remnants of its glorious past around every corner.Continue

Baltic Beauty Strolls; Gdansk, Poland

The Second World War started right here on the shores of the Baltic Sea and reduced this once proud city to rubble. A plethora of great cities in Europe can boast about, and often physically display, their glorious past.

Sadly, Gdansk was not one of them…

But not for long…

Resistance and resolve could easily be this city’s motto. After the war, they rebuilt every structure brick by brick, and made it just as charming, venerable, and lovely as it was before.


Ski the Tatra Mountains; Zakopane, Poland

How’d you like French Alpine skiing at half the price?

The majestic Tatra Mountains in the southern Poland offer some of the best skiing in the world, at prices that would make you pop a cork of champagne with the savings. Continue

Boat 1,000 Mazury Lakes; Poland

In 2011, the Mazury Lake District in Poland became a finalist for the new “7 Wonders of Nature” competition.

Yeah, the place is beautifully bad ass!

Known as the “Land of a Thousand Lakes,” this region is pure heaven for water sports enthusiasts and nature lovers.

Remnants of the Ice Age

Some 12,000 years ago this region was covered in glaciers. When the ice melted it left over two thousand lakes in the area, which are well-connected by a network of rivers, streams and canals.  Not to mention beautiful thick forests, meadows and lagoons.  Pure heaven.


Holocaust and Auschwitz Tour in Poland

Terrorism in today’s world is nothing compared to the dread this place evoked in the hearts and minds of Europeans during the 1940’s. The infamous Death Camp was Auschwitz, a site synonymous with evil, brutality, mass murder, genocide, massacre, and the stink of fear and death. Continue