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Hungary’s Best Kept Secret…

Love getting pampered?

Want a movie star life, but cringe at the cost?

Thankfully Hungary, a thermal rich country, has Budapest spas where you can enjoy days of luxury, for pennies on the dollar.

Budapest spa tickets start from $7 and massages start from $15…


A Hungarian Budapest Festival Not to Miss…

It’s not just a party.

It’s not just a music festival.

It’s a place to make friends and expand your mind.

The Sziget Music Festival offers a week of self-abandonment, all night parties, art tents, theatre pieces, literature and so much more…Continue

How to Stuff Your Face with Hungarian Food…

If you’re into rich stews and sauces, hearty soups, sumptuous desserts and sweet white wines then you are in for a treat.

Hungary is not just about Goulash soup, and it’s certainly not limited to paprika.

With an abundance of traditional offerings and a time-honored passion for food, Hungary is a Mecca for lover’s of intense flavor and nourishment…Continue

Sailing Lake Balaton, Hungary

As long legged, bikini clad supermodels lay bronzing at the bow, you (as the captain) stand behind the wheel as a cool summer breeze washes over your face.  Pure heaven.

While the supermodels might be a slight exaggeration, the rest can easily be yours, and for a price that will make your jaw drop and may even have you forgetting about girls for a second.Continue