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A Walk In The Park; Moravia, Czech Republic

Would you rather spend your vacation well sauced by excellent Czech pilsner in highly urbanized cities or sip on fine wines in the peaceful countryside? This is the question one needs to answer when coming to the Czech Republic… should I visit Bohemia or Moravia? If wine and a walk in the park is what you’re after, read on…


Czech Beer Tours; Czech Republic

Do you like beer?

There is a place in Europe where making and enjoying beer is built into the very fabric of life. Where rich brewing traditions date back almost a thousand years and are stronger than ever today.

If you happen to be in Europe, and love beer, then make sure to visit the Czech Republic, to whom the whole world needs to thank for lager.

Beer Drinkers Haven

Beer to the Czech Republic is what wine is to France. The first brewery started way back in the year 1118, though monks were brewing beer in monasteries all over the country well before that. By the 13th century, the cities of Budweis, Pilzen and Prague where becoming exporters and growing in fame.

Today, there are breweries in almost every village and it is a treat to visit them while touring the scenic country side.


The Greenways Trail; Czech Republic & Austria

Prague and Vienna. Two cities that evoke images of grandeur. Two jewels in Europe’s crown. Yet for more than 40 years they were worlds apart, closed off by an iron curtain and dark cloud.

All that has changed, and with the summer sun shining, a long hike is the best way to connect those age-old capitals. Continue

The Bohemian Life; Prague, Czech Republic

“But why think about that when all the golden lands ahead of you and all kinds of unforeseen events wait lurking to surprise you and make you glad you are alive to see.”  – Jack Kerouac, On The Road.

Jack Kerouac and the Bohemian lifestyle are synonymous. Did he know, however, when he made the statement above, that his words would so perfectly reflect the feeling one has upon entering the modern day Bohemian capital of Prague?Continue