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Breathtaking Hikes; Rila Mountains, Bulgaria

Towering pyramidal peaks, cobalt blue glacial lakes, powerful rivers, gentle valleys and the good fortune of a great hiking trail to connect them all.

The best part? The views compare to any in the Swiss Alps, without hefty Swiss prices and it’s relatively unknown.

So while the others flock to Switzerland, you can enjoy an inexpensive holiday trekking in solitude on breathtaking trails.

To top it off, it’s only a couple hours from Sofia, so in no time at all you can be breathing in the rich alpine air of your own mountain paradise.


7 Days of Cycling; Rhodope Mountains, Bulgaria

Cycling in the Rhodope Mountains is like a voyage on a time machine, going back centuries. Most of the villages are full of medieval structures which are hundreds of years old. Many of the roads were built by the Romans who also constructed the many baths in the area. It’s an open air museum and living history book surrounded by untouched nature, and the best way to see it all is from the seat of a bike.


Best Bulgaria Beaches

235 miles (380km) of sandy coastline. Warm, inviting waters that cool on hot summer days. Resorts that accommodate your every need. Cultural and historical attractions around every corner. The question is not whether you should come to Bulgaria for a beach holiday, but which of the fantastic beaches will best suit your personal needs and preferences. The answer is – all of them.

The Black Sea Coast

During the communist era, holiday options in many countries were limited. For decades the Bulgarian Riviera was rightfully the most popular and visited destination on the Black Sea Coast – The perfect place to escape from an otherwise mundane life.

Today, the Bulgarian Riviera has opened its arms to the world and caters to every type of tourist. Having entered a new stage of evolution, it meets the standard of any western beach.


Great Rail Journeys; Septemvri-Dobrinishte, Bulgaria

Nothing has changed in 90 years. It’s still one of the greatest rail journeys on earth. In 1921 the Septemvri – Dobrinishte narrow gauge railway opened and since then it has plodded over the Rhodope Mountains several times a day, carrying mostly bored locals on a common route.

For you, however, it will be a jaw dropping experience gifting you with one of the most authentic and astounding journeys in Europe, all for a whopping $5!

All aboard on the “Alpine Railway” for a trip back in time on an antiquated train over unspoiled terrain…Continue