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Ancient Forests; Belovezhskaya Pushcha Park, Belarus

Have you ever wanted to peek into the past?

To see what Northern Europe looked like before wars and industrialization decimated the enchanting ancient forests?

There is still a place of pristine beauty where you can go to hear the whispering woods tell their old tales, where your lungs will be filled with the fresh air of antiquity.

Białowieża Forest

Belovezhskaya Pushcha, otherwise known as Białowieża Forest, is a National Park in the southwest of Belarus and shared with the border country of Poland. The 10,000 year old primeval forest is what remains of a vast area that used to cover the entire north of Europe. It’s also home to rare and endangered species, including the last surviving herds of bison.

Today, Belarus is a country clinging to its soviet leanings, making it difficult for foreign tourists (especially from the west) to get a footing in the country. Make sure to plan ahead and arrange visas well before traveling. Once you arrive however, the rewards are great.


The Circus; Minsk, Belarus

In some places, the circus is an art form. Theatrical acrobats blend into colorful ballet performances. Where music and motion stir the emotions and astonish the eyes. Where the line between reality and fantasy becomes ever more blurred.

Do you have kids? No? Then grab your nieces and nephews and take them to the Belarus State Circus in Minsk, where one of the greatest spectacles on earth can be seen four or five times a week.

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