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Florence City Guide: How to Explore Florence Like a Local…

Florence City Guide

My name is Alex and I lived in Florence, Italy for six months.

Florence can best be described in these five words: enchanting, bright, lively, historic, and unique.

Women should consider visiting Florence because Florence is a magical place that has captured the imaginations of generations of travelers. Between it being the birthplace of true Renaissance art to providing some of the best pasta in the world, Florence has a little something for everyone.


A Motor-Flight Through France by Edith Wharton

This travel story is an excerpt from A Motor-Flight Through France by Edith Wharton.

The motor-car has restored the romance of travel.

Freeing us from all the compulsions and contacts of the railway, the bondage to fixed hours and the beaten track, the approach to each town through the area of ugliness and desolation created by the railway itself, it has given us back the wonder, the adventure and the novelty which enlivened the way of our posting grandparents. Above all these recovered pleasures must be ranked the delight of taking a town unawares, stealing on it by back ways and unchronicled paths, and surprising in it some intimate aspect of past time, some silhouette hidden for half a century or more by the ugly mask of railway embankments and the iron bulk of a huge station. Then the villages that we missed and yearned for from the windows of the train—the unseen villages have been given back to us!—and nowhere could the importance of the recovery have been more delightfully exemplified than on a May afternoon in the Pas-de-Calais, as we climbed the long ascent beyond Boulogne on the road to Arras.


Everything You Need to Know About Grenoble France…

My name is Ceci and I lived in Grenoble, France for ten months.

Grenoble can best be described in these five words: diverse, friendly, scenic, budget-friendly, and safe.

Women should consider visiting Grenoble because it is a safe travel destination, is much more diverse than other European cities, and is a relaxing city.

If you want to get away for a while, relax, and take in some scenry while being in a safe, international environment, Grenoble should be next on your bucket list…


Me, Myself, a Renault Clio and the Road…

It all starts with that damn car.

A little Renault Clio that I can probably push with my little finger.  We look long and hard at each other, this Clio and I.

I know I am taking a bold move going through with my plan:  I plan on driving this little thing to Blarney Castle, The Cliffs of Moher and back to Dublin where I’m still standing, staring at the Clio. I am also going to undertake this adventure solo – me, the twenty-five-year-old American girl who only learned to drive a stick a mere six months before through the winter snows of Indiana.

I walk over to the left side of the car, only to stop and curse at myself.  Of course, I’m in Ireland now.

I walk to the other sideand open the door.  I take a deep breath and slide into the driver seat.  I take my time as I get my things settled, set the GPS for Blarney Castle, put on my seatbelt and turn on the ignition…


How to Get Off the Tourist Trail in Calabria, Italy

My name is Cherrye Moore and I have lived in Calabria, Italy for almost eight years (since early 2006).

Calabria can best be described in these five words: wild, rugged, authentic, surprising and stunning.

Women should consider visiting Calabria because it is still unknown.

Travelers can experience an authentic Italy before it is overrun by tourism…