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Knock on Devil’s Door; Puerta del Diablo, El Salvador

The dark past of Puerta Del Diablo doesn’t stop the tourists calling.

Located in Los Planes De Renderos, Puerto Del Diablo, better known as the Devil’s Door, comprises two striking boulders that reach for the sky. Take a peek between them and you’ll see that they serve as a window to the sights of El Salvador, the panoramas sprawling out to the Pacific coast and beyond.Continue

Hike Parque Nacional Montecristo, El Salvador

This National Park offers some of El Salvador’s best wildlife viewing. Set amidst the cloud forest, you’ll see guans, agoutis, anteaters and colorful quetzals throughout the park.

Plus, the hiking (as you’ll soon see) is excellent.

Montecristo spills over into Guatemala and Honduras; the borders are separated by Cerro Montecristo, the park’s highest peak.

Upon entering the park you’ll see the Caseta de Información  and, shortly after, the visitor center.

From there, it’s a rough 7 miles (12 km) up a dirt road to Los Planes, the main area for hikers.

Below is a list of the…Continue

Parque Nacional El Imposible; El Salvador

Parque Nacional El Imposible (The Impossible National Park) is tucked away in the furthest western reaches of El Salvador with not much beyond it…except Guatemala. Previously used as a trail for transporting coffee to the Pacific coast, the park is so named because of the farmers and mules regularly killed crossing the park’s treacherous gorge.

Today, the park is El Salvador’s largest surviving forest and offers superb trekking and adventure amidst thick deep primary forest riddled with wildlife and rare species, abundant waterfalls and river, and spiky mountain peaks. Few venture to El Imposible but those that do are richly rewarded with its un-spoilt sights.Continue

Surfari; La Libertad, El Salvador

What more could you ask for?

World-class surf.

Enough people to party with, but not too many to crowd the waves.

La Libertad in El Salvador is is one of the few remaining uncluttered surf destinations in the world. Continue

Enjoy the Culture; San Salvador, El Salvador

El Salvador is the smallest country in Central America and sees the fewest tourists. Yet, those who do cross her borders are rewarded with a rich and authentic view into El Salvador’s ancient and modern culture.

The Pompei of the Americas, Joya de Cerén, sits outside San Salvador where you can grasp an insight into ancient Mayan life captured as a moment in time. Within the city there are plenty of cultural delights to explore.