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Hike El Yunque National Forest; Puerto Rico

Hiking in the middle of the rainforest, you make your way up to a cloudy peak. You’ve passed beyond streams and through lush vegetation to get to your goal. It would be a challenge to take pictures that weren’t worthy of a postcard.

What country have you traveled to? What hoops have you had to leap through? What did you obtain?

None if you’re American. You’re hiking in the free state of Puerto Rico.Continue

Into the Forest; Toro Negro, Puerto Rico

Take advantage of every opportunity to conquer nature. Reach the highest heights, head to the deepest depths, and soar over the landscape like you have wings.

When observation doesn’t satisfy that thrill-seeking urge, plan a trip to Toro Negro.

Toro Negro

On a heavily forested island, Toro Negro is a highlight among Puerto Rico’s many parks. Covering around 11 square miles (28km2), the park is a collection of dense vegetation, cool waters, and a particularly high peak.

The home of Cerro de Punta, Puerto Rico’s highest point, is often overlooked in favor of the El Yunque National Forest. However, those who make the trip to the understated forest aren’t likely to regret it.Continue

Find Action on the Island; Culebra, Puerto Rico

Having arrived in Puerto Rico, a seemingly idyllic destination, you may find yourself in a crowd. Between the locals and the tourists, you might have a tough time finding your own space. How can you relax in the midst of such masses?

One solution may be to get off Puerto Rico’s main island. That’s correct, Puerto Rico amounts to more than its largest landmass.

Settle down and relax those weary legs in one of the free state’s most isolated regions. Enjoy Culebra Puerto Rico.Continue

Drive La Ruta Panoramica; Puerto Rico

You’re all set to begin your road trip.

You’ve got your printed amps, you’ve got your booked accommodations, and you’ve got your planned destinations. You’ve got some bottles of water and a packet of beef jerky.

But these motorized adventures are never the sum of their preparations. The best stories are events you could never have predicted. Whether faced with positive surprises or pesky problems, the trip is defined by the process.