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Diving Bonaire National Marine Park; Netherlands Antilles

How many dive sites do you need to qualify as a premium scuba destination? Five? Ten? How about 60?

And while numbers are important, quality is the big decider. What are you looking for? Lush vegetation? Diverse species of marine life? Sunken wrecks?

Matching every feature that defines a divers paradise, consider planning your next adventure around the island of Bonaire.


Covering a total area of around 113 square miles (294km2), the Dutch special municipality of Bonaire is one of the Caribbean’s most underrated islands. As the B in the Netherlands’ ABC islands, the region is home to a number of water-based activities including scuba diving, sailing, windsurfing, and snorkeling.

Accessible by direct flight from Amsterdam, Bonaire has all sorts of facilities built to serve the island’s tourists. And whether you’re staying in a luxury resort or a discounted apartment, you can expect that staff will eventually guide you towards one of the area’s dive centers.


Underwater Exploration; Saba Island, Netherlands Antilles

With 29 separate dive sites, choosing an adventure might prove difficult. How can you select a single dive based only on a written description of what you might see?

Why would you want to?

Rather than limiting yourself on a trip to Saba, consider spending a few days exploring the abundant options of a rich underwater landscape. Continue

Scuba Dive Curaçao; Netherlands Antilles

Slipping below the surface, there is no guarantee of particular sightings. Far from the confines of a zoo, the fluid development of an underwater habitat makes no two dives identical.

Whether you spot sneaky barracuda, sizable sharks, or tiny schools of reef fish, your trip will amount to much more than any site description might indicate.Continue