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Sample the Route des Rhums; Martinique Island

Drinking and driving isn’t really the problem is it? It’s more of a drinking then driving scenario that causes issues.

Say if you were to drive for a few hours, have some drinks, call it a night, then repeat the cycle, that would be perfectly acceptable, would it not? Maybe a little alcoholic, but still acceptable.

With that in mind, enjoy the scenic drives and the tasty spirits that come with a trip along the Route des Rhums.Continue

Day Trip; Îlet Pinel, Saint-Martin Martinique (French)

The beach isn’t a place for the fully clothed. Whether looking to get some sun or wade in the surf, less material makes for better times. And in certain cases, for certain individuals, clothing may just seem unnecessary.

Whether you’re just looking for a day at the beach or hoping to spend some time in the buff, plan a day trip to Îlet Pinel.

Îlet Pinel

Located to the northeast side of the French island of Saint-Martin, Îlet Pinel is a tiny piece of land representing a big day out. The island known by many names (Pinel Island, Isle Pinel, Ile de Pinel) offers all the features that make for a quality Caribbean destination. Sandy beaches make a perfect base for a day in the sun.

Though the island doesn’t offer anywhere to spend the night, the ease of transportation ensures that you won’t need to. The short distance across the water is covered by ferry from 9:00am to 4:00pm. And with a price of around $6US round-trip, you can ill-afford to miss out.

But now that you’ve decided to head over to Îlet Pinel, what exactly can you expect to see?