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Whale Watch; Samaná Peninsula, The Dominican Republic

You stand on the edge of the boat, your body lurches as the sea’s waves bully your vessel. Your breakfast is churning around your stomach, like clothes in a washing machine. You wonder why in the world you’d put yourself through such an experience.

And then you see one.

A massive figure rising above the surf. A distinctive fluke. The spray of a blowhole. You’ve spotted a humpback whale in the Samaná PeninsulaContinue

WARNING: Potential Gyrating May Occur at the Festival del Merengue!

The beat puts an end to mundane conversations.

It carries beyond the venue, down streets and through windows.

When it hits you, your foot may begin tapping. Your head may start bobbing. Your hips could begin swinging.

For one wild week in Santo Domingo, you will be at risk of catching merengue fever at the Festival del Merengue…Continue

Zona Colonial; Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

You aren’t Christopher Columbus. You won’t be traveling by ship to lands unknown. You won’t set up shop on a Carribbean island, establishing both a community and a society.

You can, however, follow in old Chris’ footsteps. Going back to where it all began. wandering through the streets that defined a nation.

You too can explore Santo DomingoContinue