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Stingray City; Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands

Through the clear waters, you can see them approaching.  From the left and from the right, they begin to surround you.  Closing in, there’s nowhere to escape.

Beware the vicious stingray!

Well, maybe not vicious.

Curious and hungry would probably be more appropriate adjectives.

Either way, head towards Stingray City to experience the interaction.Continue

Wildlife Viewing; Little Cayman Island

Why it may be the smallest of the Cayman Islands at only ten-square miles, what it lacks in size, Little Cayman makes up for it by being a nature and wildlife viewing paradise.  Offering a selection of pristine beaches, salt ponds, lagoons, and historical sites, Little Cayman is the perfect destination for those wanting a tranquil one on one experience with nature at it’s best. Continue