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This No-Nonsense Author Shares Her Travel Stories…

When it comes to travel writing, it’s hard to get the real scoop.

Travel writers tend to overuse descriptions like charming, beautiful, quaint, vibrant, blah-blah-blah.

But what’s a destination really like?

Travel expert and author – Laurie Gough – will tell you.  Her travel stories and writing are engaging, straightforward and honest – the most lacking trait in writers today.

And luckily for us, we get a sneak peak at Laurie’s wild travel stories from her memoirs: Kite Strings of the Southern Cross: A Woman’s Travel Odyssey AND Kiss the Sunset Pig: An American Road Trip with Exotic Detours.

Not to mention…

Her answers to some tough questions like her least favorite travel destinations, most memorable travel moment, advice on packing, greatest lesson, and even some travel writing tips!

So get the travel low-down from Laurie in this exclusive interview…


Fish the Abaco Island; Bahamas

As a ritual and a right of passage, fishing is an activity that extends beyond the physical act. It represents a coming together, a patience-testing system of hurry up and wait.

However, fishing can also be part of a vacation. Rather than the backwoods lake or the neighborhood creek, try casting a line in the near-transparent waters of the Bahamas. Try fishing in the Abacos Islands.Continue

Explore an Underwater Central Park at Andros Island Bahamas

Andros Island, Bahamas

It’s the largest of the Bahamas’s 700+ islands, covering a total area of around 2,300 square miles (5,957km2).

Yes, despite the region’s expansive reach, Andros has a small population with no overdeveloped vacation resorts.

But the best part…

With abundant terrain and little human influence, comes a sense of solitude in a nation that’s often considered a tourist hub.

In this relative peace and quiet, you are left to consider your plan of action.

Will you lay out on the beach, soaking in the sun’s hot rays?  Or venture out on the water, to spy on mysterious creatures of the sea?

The choice is completely yours…


Countless Beaches; Exuma Cays, Bahamas

Don’t like the island you’re currently lounging on?  Head somewhere else.  Not keen on that one?  Venture forward.

We could go on all day listing various destinations along the Exuma Cays.  With hundreds of islands to choose from, you won’t have to settle for anything less than ideal.

Exuma Cays

Amounting to a collection of some 360 islands, the Exuma Cays offer visitors an opportunity to experience Caribbean paradise.  The chain of islands, running for some 130 miles (209km), include both significant pieces of land as well as tiny islets representing little more than a bar of sand.

While the prospective visitor may picture a simple collection of scenic islands, rest assured that the Exuma Cays amounts to so much more.  The cays’ many resorts are filled to the brim with amenities, prepared to pamper its enthusiastic guests.


Break Out the Golf Clubs; Bahamas

As much as you love your family, a vacation isn’t quite complete without some time away from the kids. Whether it’s a night at the bar or a romantic dinner, finding a sitter for the evening can be essential for maintaining your sanity.

And while a night on the town can make for a fun time, how about a day on the links. More than a simple game of golf, the Bahamas offer both challenging courses and scenic surroundings.


Covering some 700 islands, the Bahamas are an obvious choice for Americans looking to experience an island vacation. And seeing as how half of the nation’s GDP is based on tourism, the need for adequate facilities is important for drawing in visitors.

Not only are resorts an island requirement, but there are a number of activities catering to those with the means to travel. While scuba diving, snorkeling and beaches are natural attractions, there is one particular luxury activity that is appreciated the world over.