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How to Find Peace in Antigua, West Indies by Vanessa Pinto

The tropical, thick air engulfed my senses as I stepped off the airplane in St. John’s, Antigua, outgoing, well-mannered baggage staff greeted me.

The airport evoked a small and cozy feeling with greater amounts of scattered tourists and personnel strolling along outside than inside, despite the distinct, oven-like climate.

As I began my trek to the private residence I would call my home for the next two weeks, a Virgin Atlantic Air bus streamlined just overhead, engulfing the sunlight as it soared by.


Land, Sea & Air; Antigua and Barbuda

Great tourist destinations are able to shine from every possible angle. One way to tell if a destination shines from every angle is if you can view it from land, sea and air. Antigua and Barbuda facilitate land, sea and air tours, which provide glimpses into the islands historic significance and natural beauty.

Aerial Tours

When seeking panoramic views of Antigua, flying in the air via helicopter is the best way to go. Due to Antigua’s small size, all aerial tours available on the island are helicopter rides. Antigua is only 13 miles wide, but it consists of multiple coves, inlets and pink-sanded beaches for you to view. The islands’ helicopter tours are typically 20 to 45 minutes long.Continue

Nature and History; Hiking in Antigua and Barbuda

Natural beauty and historical landmarks serve as a source of inspiration for many hikers and the trails of Antigua and Barbuda offer both in large quantities.

While the beaches and aquatic activities are the primary reasons tourists flock to Antigua and Barbuda, the islands’ trails allow guests to see historic, colonial-period landmarks and observe the islands’ natural beauty.Continue