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Casey’s Practical Tips to Vietnam Travel by Bicycle…


Blinding lightning flashes through the dark sky. The swollen clouds grumble their agreement. Leaves tremble and are torn from their perches. The wind snarls and the torrential downpour heightens to a roar.

The very cows low in terror.

Along the muddy road, two lost bicyclists struggle against the gale with the storm worsening by the second.

With no other options, the cyclists are forced to seek shelter from a small group of homes.  After the local villager realizes the situation, he graciously ushers them into his home where he provides shelter and food.

It was experiences like this that opened Casey Siemasko’s eyes to the wonders of Vietnam travel… all from the seat of her bicycle.  Learn how Casey’s adventurous decision to cycle across Vietnam became a journey of self-motivation and inspiration…


Lounge and People Watch; Nha Trang, Vietnam

Nha Trang – the Miami of Vietnam offers beautiful beaches, cheap beer, and a fun promenade for excellent people watching.

It’s easy to lose yourself along the six kilometer white sand beach dripping with palm trees and restaurants making it the perfect beach destination in Vietnam.

Nha Trang has always been a gem along the South China Sea with a surprisingly mild history for its stunning scenery. Tourism hit Nha Trang during the American Vietnam War when the US opened an air force base (now the closest airport to Nha Trang called Cam Ranh International Airport) located only 22 miles (35 km) away.

There’s no surprise that the Americans thought Nha Trang was heaven on earth with its warm temperate waters, long stretch of sandy coast, and mild climate almost year round (with the exception of October to December during Monsoon season). Today, both Vietnamese and international tourist flock to Nha Trang for a wide variety of activities and, of course, the beach.Continue

Vietnamese Cuisine; Hanoi, Vietnam

You’ve seen them…

Spreading like small colonies ready to take over the world… they’re in major cities, suburban sprawl… they’re probably in your own home town… and they are the undeniably delicious restaurants known as Pho Houses.

Whether you’ve had this tasty cuisine or are trying it for the first time, what better place to start than the hometown of it all: Hanoi. Continue

Relive the History; Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

One of the most important cities in recent history, Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam provokes thousands of images, feelings, and questions…

What happened to Saigon?

Why are there French in Vietnam? What was the American and Vietnam War about? Who is Ho Chi Minh?

The beautiful city that rests on the banks of the Saigon River has a rich story that should be remembered and retold to the young and old.Continue

Halong Bay Tours: Are They Worth it? You Decide…

Halong Bay Tours…

The fog lifts slightly and you see the first outcropping of limestone pinnacles shooting straight up from the water.

The air is cool; the water, emerald-green and slightly murky.

You can hear the mild putter of the boat’s engine and waves gently tapping the boat, rocking it back and forth.

The eerie yet calm feeling about Ha Long Bay will make you realize why its name means “Descending Dragon Bay.”Continue