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How to Explore the Philippines Islands by Nikka…

My name is Nikka and I have lived in the Philippines all my life.

The Philippines Islands can best be described in these five words:

  • charming;
  • cheap;
  • laid-back;
  • diverse; and
  • adventure-filled.

Women should consider visiting the Philippines Islands because it’s home to some of the world’s most beautiful islands and kindest, happiest people…


View from Above; Cebu, Philippines

Nothing beats the view from the top.

Whether standing at a height or flying from above, a sense of serenity comes over those who look down upon the chaos below. A little separation can do wonders for the soul.

But don’t think that heights are always a comfortable experience. On firm ground all is well, however, hanging over the edge of an elevated plateau can be simultaneously thrilling and terrifying. Continue

The Shores of Palawan Island; Philippines

Reaching paradise in Palawan isn’t necessarily the final destination.  The Philippine province bases resorts and activities in a series of exotic locations.  If you keep on traveling after you’ve discovered the perfect spot you’re likely to come across something even more perfect.  Continue to explore and you will be greatly rewarded.Continue

Ifugao Rice Terraces; Batad, Philippines

Tradition is often compromised to make way for modern developments.

The old ways are beat out by the easiest ways.

And yet when we reflect on the loss of our culture, we do so as though it weren’t our duty to preserve it.

Now, in the age of technology, travelers are drawn to historic sites.  But seldom do we see historic practices that are still being upheld today, practices such as cultivating rice at the Ifugao Rice Terraces.Continue

Bulabog Putian National Park; Panay, Philippines

Take a deep breath of fresh air as you hike through the wilderness.  Soak in the suns rays before you make your way into the shade of the forest.  Cool off as you enter the caverns.  Watch your head as you dodge pesky stalactites.  Tread carefully around the protruding stalagmites.

Bulabog Putian National Park

Located on the island of Panay, the Bulabog Putian National Park is found in the municipality of Dingle.  The natural reserve has some 25 miles (40km) of trails, winding through the forest and past a series of caves.  While hiking Bulabog Putian does make for a nice day out, it’s the caves that draw hundreds of visitors a year.