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Seven Tips for Women Trekking Burma

Love traveling to unexplored places?

Then, Burma (or as the government calls it Myanmar) should be on your bucket list.

Picture it:

Thousands of temples cover the plains of Bagan, leg-rowing fisherman sit patiently on the still water of Inle Lake and rolling rice paddies and small villages wait to be explored.

And there’s no better way to experience the beautiful countryside, meet locals, and live the Burmese lifestyle than trekking Burma.

Along with several self-guided treks in Burma, I’ve hiked a guided three-day trek from the tiny town of Kalaw to the beautiful still water of Inle Lake.

After walking over 37 miles (60 km) through rice paddies, into thatched hut villages, and up and down Burmese mountains, here’s my list of seven tips for women trekking Burma…


Bridge Crossing; Amarapura, Myanmar

The use of a bridge can extend well beyond a simple crossing. Bridges can serve as architectural attractions, community connectors, and lookouts for scenic regions.

When a bridge meets all three of these standards, make sure you slow down and enjoy it.

And as you can’t drive across the U Bein Bridge, you have no choice but to take your time.


Located to the south of Mandalay, Amarapura is squeezed between Taungthaman Lake and the Irrawaddy River. With a name meaning ‘City of Immortality’, the town lives up to its lofty title. Enter its borders to find residents living simple lives, steeped in religion and tradition.

As the town is open for visitors, plan to travel over from Mandalay for the day. A typical experience will involve trips to historic sites, exploration of religious monuments, and a trip across a particularly long bridge.


Life on the Lake; Inle Lake, Myanmar

The region of Inle Lake is a site that plays out like a novel.  Human interest, intrigue, and mystery are all likely to be a part of your journey.  At the end you may find yourself asking more questions than when you began.  Hop right into the plot and let the story begin.

Inle Lake

At Myanmar’s center, in the Shan Hills, is the nation’s second largest lake.  Serving fishermen, farmers, and Buddhist monks, the lake is an important centerpiece to cultural survival.  Though the area has only recently opened up to tourism, it is quickly becoming a favorite of Southeastern Asian travelers.Continue

Sea of Temples; Bagan, Myanmar

The historic region of Bagan is well-known for its massive collection of temples.

Don’t plan on seeing them all.  You won’t have time.

You’re spending three days in the area?

You still won’t have time…Continue

Why You Should Dive the Andaman Sea

Dive into the Andaman Sea among the sharks and the rays.

Make your way to the edge of the corals to investigate the minute marine life.

Hop back aboard your boat for a bite to eat as you gaze out across the crystalline waters.

Enjoy scuba diving in Myanmar.