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The One Thing You Must Do in Tulamben, Bali…

One question: Is scuba diving and snorkeling really worth it in Tulamben, Bali?

Yes… and it’s arguably the best diving in the world!

Tulamben is the most overlooked coastal village in Bali.

There aren’t hordes of tourist, thousands of bars or restaurants and – in all honesty – it’s pretty boring.

But that’s only at first glance…

The real action takes place beneath eerie black Bali Sea.


Discover Dragons; Komodo National Park, Indonesia

Have  you ever wanted to  meet Godzilla?  In real life, the Komodo Dragon is probably as close as you’ll come.

In the 1998 flick Godzilla, a Komodo dragon is exposed to nuclear waste, resulting in a giant lizard-y killing machine. While the real Komodo dragons might be classified as killing machines, they don’t get quite that big.  And they exist on only a few islands in the world; Komodo National Park encompasses these islands, and they are protected as a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Off the well-worn paths through Indonesia, Komodo National Park and it’s unique inhabitants are well worth the adventure to see evolution in the making.


A Land of Art and Monkeys; Bali, Ubud

Ubud is located in the hills of central Bali at 1,969 feet (600 meters) and is a very welcoming change of pace from the typical Bali beach scene.

Known for its arts and crafts, many artists proudly displaying their work in little shops and galleries. The spiritual, almost Zen, undertone about Ubud is perhaps due to the traditional Balinese architecture, hilltop covered rice paddies and monkey forests, temples and monasteries, flowing rivers and creeks around town, cool climate, and friendly locals.


Rainy Day Museums; Jakarta, Indonesia

Take a stroll through different centuries, exploring the development of a nation. Investigate life, death, and everything in between. Analyze the flow of currency from the mint to the people.

Museums offer a variety of educational opportunities for those who choose to pass through their doors. And as it so happens, Jakarta has a great many doors to enter.Continue

Thousands Have Experienced Bali Surf… Why Not You?

Kuta, with arguably the most surfable beaches in the world, was destined to be a tourist destination when the surf was discovered in the 1960s.

Like most surf destinations, Kuta has its fare share of grungy beach bums in search of the perfect ride and the endless summer.

There is only one way to know how good the waves of Kuta are… to get out and ride it.Continue